Euastrum Ehrenberg ex Ralfs

Cells longer than broad, compressed, deeply constricted at isthmus with sinus usually closed. Cells are characterized by an apical notch which is absent only in a few species. (Croasdale, H. & Flint, E. 1986. Flora of New Zealand Desmids I. - Wellington Gov. Print.)

Euastrum ansatum Ralfs var. pyxidatum Delp.
Dimensions: L. 70–90 µm, B. 35–45 µm. Isthmus 11–17 µm. Lenzenweger 1996, Ruzicka 1981.

Euastrum insigne Hass. ex Ralfs
Dimensions: L. 100–130 µm, B. 50–65 µm. Lenzenweger 1996, Ruzicka 1981.